1. Heart
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Help me, I’m on fire
I’m burning with desire
Keep your drinks and drugs
I’m all fucked up on love
Cut to the core of me
And tell me what you see
In my heart

Time is such a thief
She ran off with my hopes and dreams
But oh, sweet relief
The emptiness will set you free
Search the shadows of my soul
And find the piece that fits the hole
In my heart

Our brains are full of lies
Our thoughts are devils in disguise
Shouting all our fears
Echoing between our ears
And though I’m shaken by the sound
I know the truth is always found
In my heart
In my heart

Hard times will come again
And violence strikes to the heart of men
But what it is they fail to see
Is we are one and you will always be
In my heart
In my heart
In my heart